23 March

16:00 gathering, ice breakers.

Briefing and opening.

Ideas and teams creation.

Ideation and preparation.

Home by 21:00 to clear the head and be ready for a productive weekend.

24 March

10:00 developing the code, the brand, the messaging.

Working in team with mentors.

There will be food, snacks and refreshments.

Possible to take naps, take breaks, go home for the night or work non-stop.

25 March

Work in teams continues.

18:00 deployments, demos, final words, continuation plan with stronger teams.


Ideas and Inspiration

ETH Decentralized Apps List

Daily Updated Table List of Blockchain-based Games


Solidity tutorials

Practice: CryptoZombies

Medium: How to Code Your Own CryptoKittiesStyle Game on Ethereum

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