More than just sum of our parts

Our work is more than just software and hardware development. We are leading the way in digital transformation and software innovation. We push our clients to think bigger and dream more.

Let us realize your vision and more importantly - your potential.

Our belief no. 1

Every client has the potential to excel:

Let’s challenge our clients to exceed their expectations and they will start to work with you to achieve it.

Our belief no. 2

Not all projects are created equal:

Never apply a cookie-cutter approach to anything. Each project has its own challenges and unique potential.

Our belief no. 3

It is never “just a project”:

Every project has an opportunity to become greater than imagined. You just need to make sure that potential is realized.

Our belief no. 4

You’re not “just a client”:

Always take a personalized approach with every client. Success lies in caring about your needs, your concerns, and your dreams.

Our belief no. 5

Giving more than expected:

Our team is capable of handling any project and delivering quality results. But we strive to always take things one step further.

Our belief no. 6

Practice yields mastery:

Every day we work to be better at what we do, and we take our craft seriously.

Our belief no. 7

Coding is a job, creating is a lifestyle:

Always be passionate about everything you do and put your full energy into every project.

Team size


Annual revenue

€ 1.1 million

Average project budget

€ 105,000

Meet the leadership

Rutmar Silde



Riho Pihlak



Janno Stern

Head of New Technologies


Robert Pallas

Co-founder & Partner


Margus Kaldma

Key Account Manager


Kertu Ojamäe

Project Manager